Reactions from Patrons

"I'm an extremely critical person, but your work is extraordinary.  This portrait is simply me. I know it's pure vanity, but I can't seem to walk by it without taking a glimpse each time."

J. de Rooij

"We took the portrait to the frame shop the very next day it arrived and cannot wait to have it displayed on the wall,  It is outstanding work, you captured her so well...".  

J. Turkenburg

"The unveiling of the portrait was the main event of the evening, THIS is what I wanted for my daughters. I admire your work". 

L. van Kralingen

"I keep walking into the living room with the feeling that my wife is really there, your work is truly amazing". 

B. Jaskille

"You have surprised us yet again.  All that is left for this portrait to do is to start talking! The detail, the expression and realism..!"

A. Santizo

A Late and Unlikely Bloomer

Juan Pablo's entrance to the world of art did not enjoy the privilege of an early start or a formal education.  Having been born and raised in Guatemala, his exposure to the world of fine realist art was virtually none.   When he arrived to Amsterdam on business, he was fascinated by the works of the old masters and at 35 he attempted to create his first drawings and became instantly fascinated.

While some have described his work as as 'talented', he confesses it is only his dedication to the craft and curiosity about the methods of great painters that bears fruit.  He also professes a rejection against claims to artistic pedigree, such as having studied under famous teachers or coming from a long line of family artists. As a self-taught artist, he believes that the quality of the art, and its ability to move people through its beauty is all that counts and that the rest are just distractions. 

His most direct influences are old masters like Fechin, Boldini, Degas, Claussen, Tarbell, Sargent, Lepage, as well as living masters such as Schmid, Lipking, Blokhin and Mau Kung.   He merges these influences into works of art of exceptional drawing and realism, combined with natural and often intimate and unplanned postures that give a glimpse of the sitter's inner person.